Ray White Rural Industry Breakfast

Rating    16+
Date         Wednesday 8th May
Time         7.00AM – 9.00AM
Venue     The Stadium
Price       $100 + online booking fee*

Tickets include plated hot breakfast, tea/coffee and General Admission Day Pass on Wednesday 8th May. Dress Code: Smart Casual

Rise and shine with a delicious breakfast served with a side of market insights and a touch of expertise, but not before a bit of banter from the Betoota Advocate boys Wendell Hussey and Errol Parker, at this new event on the Beef2024 calendar, the Ray White Rural Industry Breakfast.

Known for their razor-sharp wit and knack for bringing a humorous yet insightful take on Australian rural affairs, the Betoota Advocate duo will open the event with their signature banter. Their presence promises an engaging start to the morning, offering a unique perspective that combines entertainment with a deep understanding of the quirks and realities of rural life. 

With rural expertise at its core, Ray White Rural understand the unique needs of rural communities and their graziers. Their tailored approach ensures the Australian beef community is supported by professionals who genuinely grasp the nuances of rural property dealings. 

Industry guest speakers will also delve into insightful discussions about the agricultural sector, explore property and livestock trends, and educate yourself on market updates that matter so you can make better business decisions while connecting with professionals from across the industry. 

Expect laughter, witty commentary, and perhaps a surprising angle on the serious matters discussed, making this breakfast not just informative but also incredibly enjoyable.

Betoota Advocate Bios
Wendell Hussey is a journalist who was born and raised in the regional shire of Betoota. After failing to land a job at the Gold Coast Bulletin following a pay to play degree at Bond University, Wendell returned back to the Channel Country to cover the biggest stories for the nation's oldest newspaper.

Errol Parker is the editor-at-large of The Betoota Advocate, a small and independent regional newspaper from far west Queensland. Unlike most of the reporters in the Advocate’s newsroom, Parker has also been overseas to other countries. He has worked closely with the Murdoch family over the years, predominantly plying his trade in the red tops of London. Following the Leveson Inquiry, Parker quickly relocated to the Diamantina Shire on his brother’s passport.

*Online booking fee of 2.5% will apply.


Ray White Rural Industry Breakfast

An engaging morning that blends expertise, trends, and networking with guest speakers from the Betoota Advocate!

Wednesday 8 May 2024, 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM

The Stadium


Ray White Rural Industry Breakfast

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Ray White Rural Industry Breakfast

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